Oh, so that’s where they were!

At times my job seems to take on a mind of its own and this photo says it all.

Oh, so that's where they were!

As a Realtor I wear many hats from listing agent, negotiations and getting homes ready to be put on the market. I take this very personally because my goal is to sell the house so my sellers can move forward with their lives. In doing so the majority of homes need some staging, be it outside to improve curve appeal or inside to turn a personal home into a home someone else can view themselves living in.

Yesterday in my preparation to get a listing at 494 Country Club ready for the brokers’ open house tour, I slipped off my shoes to make my one too many trips up the stairs easier.

The problem I encountered was discovered as I reached Reno to pick up a few more items for tour, that I had in fact left my shoes on the stairs and there I was barefoot in the heat! I did what any red blooded creative woman would do… head straight for Macy’s and sneak in the side door, dodge through various sportswear, and go straight to the shoe dept where of course being barefoot is quite reasonable… at least I thought so. Snagged a pair of sandals on sale and off to Home Depot and Lowes I went! The sales lady did seemed a little surprised at my request to keep the box as I was wearing them out but hey, I had a busy day!

The tour went great and the new shoes aren’t bad either. I now carry a second pair in back just in case the brain moves faster than my feet!

Patti Plastiras


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